Why my i5 became slow

hi all
my laptop is Asus a35e and i bought from amonth ago ,, any way it was working very well untill i made an update for the laptop from 1 week and the processor became slow and what worry me more that when iam opening any folder with alot of items usually dont open right and the laptop display me that ((windows explorer stopped working)) its pissing me off

before i finish the intel turbo boost was working very good and rarly become high or reach the 2.70 GH but now whenever i do some thing or watching vedio even not that high quality it reachs the 2.70 GH !!

plz help me
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  1. What was the update?

    intel turbo boost will set it to 2.7 at any calculation, so probably you just didn't noticed that before, but it is normal it to go to 2.7 instant than 1.6 (if i'm not mistaken) it is not variable values, its all or nothing.

    but i'm not sure what is causing your explorer to stop working but almost sure it is not the CPU, try updating your drivers and check if your hd is ok, last option reinstall windows.
  2. ricardois
    can u tell me which drivers 2 update ?
  3. well update to the latest drivers i'm not sure what are your components since this Asus notebook have other customizations, but go updating Graphics driver, Update your Mobo drivers, etc... but make sure your hd is ok, really looks like your hd is a little slow what may be taking too much time to access all files. try running a defragger or something on it, see also if it is not full, full hard drivers may present a lot of problems just like this one.
  4. Which driver did you update? It might have been a false update that was a trojan and your system may be infected. Run a virus scan.
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