Game Kills My Internet

Until earlier today, everything had been running smoothly on my PC. Now, whenever I attempt to login to World of Warcraft, I get disconnected from the game, and the internet no longer functions on my PC, until I restart it. Once it's restarted, the internet works just fine again, until I try to log into WoW. I have tried plugging directly into the cable modem, so it's not the router. My laptop gets on the net and WoW just fine, so it's not the modem or ISP. I tried IP release/renew and the winsock fix, but nothing. I tried updating drivers, but nothing. Can someone please help me solve this dilemma?

Windows XP Pro
Intel Quad Core Q8300 2.50 Ghz
XFX Xtreme i750
EVGA GeForce 240 GT
650W PSU
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  1. have you tried the laptop with the same network cable?
  2. interesting...once you exit wow, you have zero connectivity?
    A stretch, but have you done a virus malware scan?
    Can you ping your router/isp gateway?
    any new software installs recently?
    running any weird wow mods?

    if you arent infected with any sort of virus or malware...
    start a command prompt and type
    ping -t
    this will create an endless ping (hit ctril+c to stop it)
    run wow in windowed mode, attempt to login, and watch the ping replies and see exactly when they stop.
    after the internet dies, go back to your command prompt and type "netstat /a"
    look for any tcp conenctions that are in a close_wait, fin_wait or time_wait state. Check the ip's of said connections and see if they are related to your isp, or the wow servers.
    make a note of the ip addresses in this state.
    run a tracert on a couple of them and see if they die at any point. Ping a couple of them, see if they respond.
    this is just to verify conenctivity, seeing if there is anything unusual happening between you and wherever else.

    try uninstalling any wow mods, just run wow in vanilla mode.
    have you rebooted your cable modem?

    just some suggestions.

  3. I don`t know if the problem was resolved for the original poster, but I just hit into the same problem.
    Long story short: I moved to another city, so `till I get a stable living arangements, I`m on a usb internet 20mbs connection. Problem is the same. If I start battle net app, internet dies in 5 seconds. I can play with no problems if I start the game directly, but when exit the game, same thing...internet dies in a few seconds. My windows was I did a fresh install...everything up to viruses and anything of that sort.
    My guess is there is a conflict between battle net app and the connection manager. I tried all sorts of things ... firewall right...running as admin...deleting the battle net folder...compatibility mode...still the same.
    Tried contacting blizz...they gave me a bullcrap of generic responses...nothing helpfull...anyone any ideas?
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