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I have a Dell Poweredge SC440. Has anyone increased memory by the maximum of 4Gig through the installation of MS Windows 7 enterprise? If so, does it need to be unbuffered? Thank you
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  1. The max memory is 4GB DDR2, i think 4x1GB 667Mhz.

    But i don't know what you mean by " increased memory through the installation of MS Windows 7 enterprise?"

    and "does it need to be unbuffered?"
  2. It probably needs to be ECC ram
  3. My recamend is fill all slots dont see capacity. see mhz in board and ram.Reason mhz is the key to achive speed. if board support 1600mhz u insert 1333mhz its waste because not get full speed of ram slot. if board support 1333mhz u insert 1600mhz its also waste of money (1333mhz ram is cheaper than 1600mhz)also u not utilise full speed of ram. (2x4Gb=8Gb 1600mhz=3200mhz =3.2ghz) vs (2x8Gb=16Gb 1333mhz=2666mhz=2.6ghz).
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