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HD5770 cossfire vs Single 5770

I'm wondering how much of a framerate boost I will get by putting in a second HD5770, while I currently have just one. My current mobo doesn't support crossfire, but when I get one that does, a second 5770 is probably going to be on the top of my list.

Here's my specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600) 2.4GHz
msi R5770 HAWK (ATi R' HD 5770)
TR2 600Watt PSU
p5kpl-cm mobo
149gb (160gb) & 931gb (1TB) Satas, both 7200rpm
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

For a gaming PC, It's not very good, but BF3 Beta is maxed out at 30-50fps. (Except AA and Shadows on High, not Ultra)
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    You wont get double the performance, but it will definitely improve. Just make sure your PSU can handle 2 5770's.
  2. for the price of another 5770 and CF mobo get a better video card 6870 should be a good upgrade id say on par with 5770 CF better in some cases and not as good in others.
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