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I have sapphire 6970 2GB installed in my system.It's normal temp is 47 when it is ideal.When i play some games,the temp goes to about 70-76,it varies on game to game like when i play black ops it goes around 50-57.So i wanted to know,is it normal that my card temp goes to 70-76,is it the case of over heating or it is normal for the card to go this hot? one more thing i have increased my RAM from 2GB to 6GB.Before that the card temp use to be 60-63 max and now it goes on till 70-76.So is it normal because till now i have faced no display problem and my machine works fine for hours.

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  1. this must be one of the new HD 6970. I assume that because of those relatively low temperatures. My original reference HD 6950s and HD 6970s all hit 91* at full load.

    76*C is very good. I would be ecstatic if I was getting numbers like that.
  2. they are good for up to 85C, above that and the card wont likely last too long. 70-76 is good.
  3. thank you and one more question i had 8GB ddr2 800Mhz rams installed on my motherboard but due to some problem in one of my slot they wont worked properly,so i took one ram out of the second slot (the one with the problem) and now i have 6GB memory in use.But i think its showing some problem too because while i am playing games my display returns to desktop or some times it says that,that particular application has stopped responding.Now as my graphics card is working fine i think there is a memory imbalance issue as i have 4 memory slots and i am using 3 due to the fault in one of the slots.sometimes i get a blue screen error like physical memory dumped or something like that.Well this is my motherboard-Intel D975XBX2 extreme series.

    thank you
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