New build not working, no vga detected


I have built a few PC's. This one i am having probs with is a Asrock A75m-hvs, Athlon x4 cpu, Asus gt 630 graphics card, 650w psu, Kingston blue hyper ram 4gb x2. I read a review about the motherboard that its comes with a little item for a speaker, mine didn't so wont get any beeps.

It powers up, all fans work, brand new montior. I will try other monitors.

The only thing it could be i think is compatibility issues with the CPU, needs to be 100w, i know there are 2 options for the athlon x4. The website i bought off recommended the mb.

Im using the 4 pin connector, there is an option for a 6 pin connector and the mb has an 8 pin connector?

Any other people tried the mb, did you have issues?

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  1. You may need a bios flash to run your cpu. There are several bios files listed for this board.
  2. Hi,

    thanks for the reply. I havn't done this before so not sure what to do. Is it possible to update the bios if i carnt get the pc to boot up?
  3. No. You'll need a older cpu for that. Explore some other troubleshooting possibilities first, since your board is socket fm1 only. Could be a power supply connection, loose ram stick, etc.
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