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Hey guys! :) Need some help with build for i3 3225 CPU (want this one instead of 3220 because of the intel hd graphics just for a month or two before i'll save up some more money for decent graphics card). Basically I haven't got a clue about motherboards so any help would be much appreciated... I would like to stick to it 4GB/8GB RAM, needs to be mATX, and have enough space to plug in a graphics card later on (7770/7850)... any suggestions...?
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157335

    Both of these boards will run your 3225 without having to flash the bios first. Avoid the H61 boards, which may require a sandy bridge cpu to flash the bios before you can run your cpu. Want another brand, then choose either the h77 or b75 chipset.
  2. Thanks for the reply :) As I'm totally useless when it comes to motherboards - can you explain me why these 2 boards? There's such a massive choice... :/ could you also suggest something more 'pricey' but really good build quality?
  3. Right, I think I'll go for this one - ASRock B75 Pro3-M Motherboard, but what about RAM? what voltage should i choose? Both board and CPU support 1600MHz, right? any recommendations on brand? Thanks a lot for any help :)
  4. You can run 1.5v cl9 ram in a variety of brands, either 1333 or 1600; I've used corsair, kingston, crucial, gskill, pny, and patriot. I go for value. 2 x 4gb is enough for most tasks.
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