Strange RAM occurences, T410 style.

Hi all.
Firstly, I'm unsure whether this is the correct sub-category, please move if incorrect.

I have been running a Thinkpad T410 for about a year now (bought used) with 4GB RAM (2x2GB).
Recently the machine gave BSOD (I remember something about a "crash dump" and a countdown timer)
Before this the machine was flawless in operation.

After BSOD, it stuck in a restart loop, and after three or four repetitions, black screen with fan (or HDD) noise.
The machine then wouldn't boot.
Removing a stick of RAM fixed the boot and it was assumed that a bad stick was to blame. A replacement was purchased and fitted, and once again, the machine would not boot.

I then tested all sticks (three now) in the "working" memory slot - they all allow boot. I then tested all sticks in the "other" slot, and again they all allow boot.

No combination allows both memory slots to be filled. All memory sticks are PC8500 DDR3 2GB.

Apologies for the long post, tried to be thorough.

To clarify, laptop will not boot (black screen with either fan/ HDD noise) with both memory slots filled.
Both slots confirmed working separately, similarly with the RAM sticks.

Andy help or a point in the right direction with this greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance

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  1. Maybe the HDD too,
    If you can boot the laptop with one stick RAM, follow the link run: chkdsk

    If you have other computer and take the HDD out and try to check it with other PC with the software.

    Seagate HDD ( SeaTools)
    WD ( Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows )
    Or other one HGST
  2. I have run chkdsk and there appears to be no problem (no errors were indicated).

    Forgive my ignorance, but how might my HDD be involved?
  3. When BSOD, all hardwares have the possibility of failure, because you don't say that (run chkdsk).
  4. I see. Well as mentioned, I have already run chkdsk, and no errors were shown (and I'm communicating with you via the HDD in question).

    Do you or anyone else have any input re: the memory socket issue?

    Also, I wonder - is a BSOD a symptom of hardware failure, or a cause?
  5. You can check the Application Event logs under "Computer Management." The logs may show an application that had an error at the time of the crash. You will see the BSOD information and this may help you identify the root cause.
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