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Pentium M 780 fan&heatsink

Hi. I wanted to know where I can buy the fan & heatsink for this processor as I am wanting to upgrade my Dell Latitude D610. Ebay has the heatsink for 3$ used but, I cannot find anyone or anything that is selling the fan which I am sure I need because I am not going to use the current fan I have now with the 1.60 processor in my laptop now. There's no way it'll work let alone keep the 780 cool.
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  1. Laptop parts are not in retail so you are stuck with ebay or the OEM. My feeling is that the fan is exactly the same (space restrictions) but the heat sink may vary in material and weight.
  2. So then I can probably just keep the current fan being used for the processor I want to replace and just install the 780 and the heatsink for the 780. This should work with no overheating problems then, right?
  3. Do not know which CPU you are replacing but the M780 is a 27watt TDP part so if you are changing from another M7xx then it is a max upgrade in 6 watts TDP (from 21) or they same.
    I can not see any thermal problems even using your current fan and heatsink.
  4. The processor in my laptop now is the one I want to replace which runs at 1.6GHz. It's a Pentium M like the 780.
  5. It looks like both are at 27 TDP. Does this make a difference in keeping my current heatsink and fan or should I just buy another specifically for the 780?
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    You will be fine with your original one since they are identical in thermal output!
  7. Awesome! Thank You! :D
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