New Build- update, may I please have some advice :)?

So I decided to snag a few items from Microcenter on the 25th, I thought things would have ran out of stock, but the line was not bad on that day at I am really shocked at the fact about what I saw that day , but everyone else has different needs.

i helped my cousin build a pc some time last year, and was intel based, he was not sure what to buy nor how to build a pc... anyway I was aiming for a amd build for him but still went with intel that day, some of the amd bundles upset me, and also the mobo he selected and I had told him to add to the list had been bought/sold out so we went with intel.

i7-950, sabertooth x58, cool master cs storm case, 6 gb ocz memory etc, ati 5700, 1 tb hdd, hydro h 50, 750 watt psu or was it 850w? (does not matter).

My computer which I made on a budget and was not even old, had fried and nearly caught fire, some time around july.. something went wrong around the time hurricane irene time, and i live on the upper east coast of the USA. my pc was small and cost about 400-500 bucks. but it died and fried so who cares, I had to use a small amd apu laptop that could hardly run good current gen mmo's swell enough, could only craft and so thing solo, or set settings low.

Well I was wondering about the three center parts I bought last week, since I was confused, and wanted to know what everyone thought, and what peripherals and parts would you add to the build out of these few parts, ( I already know what case, and psu I may use, and maybe the memory, still will not mind different builds though).

I just want advice, and information on what you guys would add to a build.

So here we go:

I saw lots of reviews on this site and other's today about z68, I really did not know anything except the fact that on Friday I picked a lesser expensive on and was set on that, then realized I had to put it down for a second and accidently grabbed a different one ><, which was much better than the one I was going to select, (mobo's).


Processor; (mobo and this were on sale on black friday, this was about 149.99, bundled with a z68 motherboard that was on the list it was 60$ off on the motherboard)

Drive (for now): (this was on sale also, 204$ along with a rebate savings of 20$) here is the link on newegg in case micro centers link is pissing you guys off. Funny thing i just looked at it is 224 listed on newegg with a 20$ promo code and 30 dollar rabate, bringing that thing down to 174 XD.. I paid basically 184 for it, I was paying attention to both the same items on newegg and microcenter, and it seems they competed with each other on both versions of the same item... in the long run it makes no difference where or when I bought it, would have been fine if I did it online today though, probably for cyber monday.

PSU I am looking at:

I added second set incase the z68 could use this type but it is unknown ... (I do not now much about memory if someone could explain what types are better and if this is decent please let me know, and maybe explain why such would be better than the other).

Finally the case:

well I could say cases: there were sort of on sale but it seems it is over, but it does not matter really.

several of the same case:

What does the parts I listed look like to you and what would you do with a build like this, or is there stuff that needs to be changed? I heard of complaints about the case but the air flow in the case look sexy, and I like the look, and the variety :).

Now what I really wanted help with are the peripherals, and what other items would you select and add to take advantage of the z68 series chipset suited from the brand I selected. If you would not mind adding your specs or different build or items I may be interested in be my guest in posting also.

Concerning graphic cards I was looking at this but still would like your opinions:

So please if you would give me advice i'd appreciate it :).
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  1. Get this right now. G.skill Ripjaws 8gb DDR3 1333 $25. You save $20

    Don't get that 6970. Get this 6950. It can be flashed to become a 6970 and will save you money!

    Everything is good, btw.
  2. cutebeans said:
    Get this right now. G.skill Ripjaws 8gb DDR3 1333 $25. You save $20

    Don't get that 6970. Get this 6950. It can be flashed to become a 6970 and will save you money!

    Everything is good, btw.

    Hmmm, everything looks fine here :).

    what is going on with the 6950's.. I heard rumors of them being 6970's but locked....

    reason I looked at that 6970 was because of the two fans, they were decent and the pricing (rebate).

    would this not be just as good?

    o.o interesting to be honest... is this a reason the 6970's are not selling well? why buy them?

    i mean if you can flash them can they be over clocked on top of this? if so would a 6970 over clocked be better but such a amount?

    or the 6950's with two fans can not have shaders unlocked, i am speaking of this because two fans = better cooling.
  3. i'd like more advice btw. please ^^
  4. Yeah, that's why not many people buy 6970 because you can unlock them.

    Make sure you take a gander at the feedback if they successfully unlocked the 6950s.

    Oh yeah, your parts are perfect. No more advice if it's already good.
  5. nice, would be scared buying from there and not unlocking.

    seems like a hit. with two fans, other sites like amazon have disabled ones.
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