Best Black desktop case for HTPC (Home Theater PC)

I am looking for a nice Black desktop case for my HTPC. I want it to be relatively small since it will be stored in Stereo cabinet next to the likes of DVD Player, etc.

I was thinking of using the Flex ATX and I found some really cool cases, but too limited in expansion. So I am going with either one of the larger Micro ATX cases or a Full ATX Desktop that is fairly small. I want a width of no greater than 16". Also thinking about painting one, but wondering how good it will look.

Here are some cool cases I have already found:

Let me know your resources. For those of you interested I have compiled a document of HTPC components and links. If interested email me and I can send it to you. You can also check out HTPC subject on

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    This site has a ton of black cases and components.
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