Asrock Z75 Pro3 or GA-H77-DS3H

Hi Guys,

I am looking to build a new PC. My friend has already reserved a HIS HD7770 for me.

I am confused with the motherboards and Memory

Motherboards narrowed to 2 options. Not willing to spend more than 130$

1. Asrock Z75 Pro3

2. GA-H77-DS3H

Now MEMORY is confusing me a lot. As far as the threads i have seen, seems to convey the message that either its single, dual or Triple channel, doest make that much difference to performance.

Experts please help out a confused fellow :heink:
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  1. Get the ASrock Z75 Pro3. It has all the features of the gigabyte one you mentioned, and it has a better chipset which supports overclocking. H77 doesn't. Plus, the Pro3 is cheaper.
    Use the saved $ to get a better CPU or video card if your friend hasn't bought it already. Spending $130 on a motherboard is way too much if you're using a radeon HD 7770.
  2. go for msi zh77a g43
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