What Motherboard for i7 3770k?

Hi folks,

I have been experiencing an issue with my HD 7950 not wanting to work at all with my motherboard.

Thread here-


Anyways, i tried the card in my brothers PC and it works no problem and he has an even more outdated mobo than i do.

So ive pretty much decided to get a new CPU and motherboard and think im going to get the i7 3770k.

My question is what motherboards should i be looking at?

Ive read the latest (best) chipset is the Z77? Correct?

Obviously i am going to need the latest USB3, PCIe3 etc and a memory controller that can handle atleast 1600mhz but preferably more to future proof myself a little.

Ive been looking at this, the ASUS Sabretooth Z77 -


Seems to be great for overclocking too.

But have i overlooked any other boards of equal or better value for money?

Im a little dubious about buying ASUS again. Ive updated my bios on my current board to the latest version and whenever i updated the BIOS i seem to have lost options/abilities in the BIOS menus.
I think the EVO is a bit of a piece of poo if im honest.

Any advice gratefully received!
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  1. Before you purchase a new mobo, did you attempt to 'force' the drivers for the graphics card? My motherboard absolutely refused to recognize my HD7950 so I just loaded the driver manually - has worked fine ever since.
    Something to try before shelling out extra cash.
  2. What do you mean force the drivers?

    I basically cant do anything with the 7950 installed. The screen stays black and the PC speaker sounds one long beep and 3 short beeps meaning 'bad video RAM' or something.

    It wont even post, literally nothing is onscreen when you turn the PC on. I cant install any drivers
  3. Z77, Intel or Gigabit mobo, should work fine, did for me, no problem 7950. Where you able to check for updated drives? The reason I mentioned that is the drivers on the 7950 are not current on the disk. However, I didn't any problems with the drivers on the disk just my normal things I do by updating the drivers, hope that helps
  4. Sorry, the Z77 comment through me off. Thought you were already on an intel board - or at least a board with integrated graphics.
  5. Sorry no, im currently on an ASUS M4A79XTD Evo which is a socket AM3 board but when i plug my 7950 into that, the whole computer kills itself. Got the symptoms as above.

    The Intel i7 and Sabretooth are potential new buys
  6. So any input on i7 motherboards chaps? Cmon :)
  7. i7 is not necessary if this is intended for gaming mostly, and the Sabertooth is overpriced and over-hyped, you can get one of their lower model boards for cheaper with more/better features.
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