Unusual question about i7 960 vs 1155

Alright so I was randomly looking around on ibuypower when I noticed they have a little graph on the right hand side of the screen for seeing what will max games out. Like always most people know that Ive been playing WoW since the beginning and probably will never stop.

But the real issue I saw is that I saw a i7 960 custom made build could max out WoW but an i5 2500k or any other 1155 cpu could only get it to ultra settings.

i7 960 Build:

CPU: Intel Core i7 960
GPU: 6950 1GB
MoBo: 3 Way CF/SLI Gigabyte G1

i5 2500k Build

CPU: as stated above
GPU 6950 1GB
MoBo: 3 Way SLI Z68 Gigabyte

I also changed out the CPU to the i7 1155 CPUs but still was not able to hit it up to MAX settings for WoW (I also checked with higher GPUs and still no change)

1) How reliable is this graph?
2) Why cant the 2500k do it but the 960 can?
3) What makes the 960 so special to WoW (I already know that WoW is more CPU intensive than GPU just for those people who dont know me)
4) Random question which is better cyberpower or ibuypower? Or are they just brother sister companies?
5) Which graph is more reliable ibuypower or cyberpower?
6) What is their standard for MAX settings?

Hopefully everyone can understand this, kinda typed it up quick...
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  1. Don't believe it. An i3-2100 can easily max out WOW as long as it has a good video card.

    WOW is not very intensive lol.
  2. Yeah I know all that, I searchd their fourms looking for details on what their means of MAX but couldnt find anything
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