Select other component for ASUS P8H67-M

Hello everyone,

I'm really newbie here, this is my first post :D

I just bought my friend's motherboard because I think it's cheap ($30-is it? haha) (I don't even know which one is mine between this: and this: :na:
but my friends said that the spec is like this: ) and psu is Simbadda 500w (I dont even know wether this psu available in your country :lol: )

Now I want to ask how could I choose another component like memory, cpu, and gpu? what is the best build with only about $200? (I don't know if is it possible or not, because maybe I will just buy second-hand item :D ) or is it better for me to throw the motherboard away and buy another better motherboard?

thank you in advance :)
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    You can build the one we call the entry-level gaming PC.

    You can pick the CUP from pentium G620 to pentium G860, 4GB 1333MHz RAM and HD6670 1GB GDDR5, 500GB HDD.
  2. thank you for your suggestion, I would check that out :)
  3. btw how could we categorize that our PC is entry-level, mid-level, or high-end?

    and if I choose some core i5, would the gpu (hd6670) be the bottleneck?
  4. wew,, so what's your suggestion for gpu? because I think I would get core i5 (2400 maybe?)
    and how could we know wether the component would be the bottleneck or not?
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