HD6850 at 19" 1440x900

I'm just wondering what people mean when they say I should upgrade my monitor?
They say I should go for something like 1920x1080? Would that make things better? (more fps/etc)
Put more stress on the Gpu? I think my display is fine and I don't know how much of a difference it would be if I were to buy a 21.3" or 23" 1920x1080 monitor. I'm fine but I'm always open to new options/more performance.
Thank you for any of your help.
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    If you will get a monitor with higher resolution you will have less FPS on games because, as you said, it puts more stress on the GPU. With a 1920x1080 monitor you will have less aliased picture, like you set 8xAA on your 1440x900 and you will see better the finest details. If you will buy a 1920x1080 you won't be able to go back but you will have to upgrade you GPU more often in order to play games on high settings. With your current HD6850 and 1440x900 monitor you will be able to play BF3 on high settings, but with a 1920x1080 you may have to settle with medium-high.
  2. Just means you are running a small monitor for games and that a 6850 can handle higher resolutions.

    You don't need to upgrade it for performance, but for a better experience. 19" square is good for games, and a 21" wide should be a good upgrade as well. A friend of mine at work calls 19" wide monitors "a 15" monitor with love handles".
  3. You're good - that res and card are a good pair for today's games, as long as you've got a quad-core cpu. Enjoy gaming at high settings!
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  5. Thanks for all the replies!
    I thought I was missing something because I read somewhere that the 6850 was overkill for my res.
    However, I'm quite happy with what I have now and at least now I know what I'll have to do when I'm thinking of upgrading.
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