my parents forgot to pay for the electric bill so edison came over and cut the power while my computer was still on.. after paying for the bill the power comes back and i turn on my computer it turns on for 2 sec then it turns and goes back on for 2 secs and turns back off.. this goes on and on unless i turn it off from the back of the case.. now is this my power supply? or my is my whole system fu**ed? please help me thanks!
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    I would pull the board battery to reset the bios; also pull out and reinstall the 24 pin atx connector from the power supply if the bios reset doesn't work. Then you'll have to troubleshoot; disconnecting devices one by one to see if one has failed, starting with the optical drives, then the hardrive. I always change the power supply after a hardware failure; you should have paid your bill on time. Would have been alot easier.
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  3. Thank you so much! I done what you said and it worked.. you're awesome :)
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