Can I install XP over Preinstalled Windows 7?

Can I install XP over Preinstalled Windows 7?

I don't like Windows 7.

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  1. no, it is not possible to downgrade
  2. You'll have to start fresh. You can reformat (erase) the drive and install XP on it then. Make sure you back up all of your data.
  3. You can always format your Win7 partition to install whatever you like. But if you want to keep both, you have a handful of options--

    1: Install WinXP within VMWare.

    2: If you have two physical HDDs, disconnect the one with Win7, install WinXP on the oher, now connect both HDDs and select boot device from boot menu at each boot.

    3: Install WinXP on another partition whence Win7 will be lost from list of OSes. However, you can boot from Win7 partition by using Super Grub Disk.

    4: You can try installing Ubuntu as a third OS which installs the GRUB bootloader and see if Win7 is found on the list of OSes in the GRUB menu.
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