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Hi, I just finished installing my desktop into a new case. Before installation, the motherboard works effectively. After I putted every components into the case, the computer was on and running normally until i plugged the audio cable in. The computer suddenly shut down and I was not able to turn it back on. I tried to unplugged the power from all other parts except for the motherboard. All I have on motherboard is a 2G Ram, 24 pins ATX power plug and 8 pins fan power. I am using AsRock H77 Pro4 motherboard with an Intel i-5 CUP. Can anyone please help me !!! :sweat:
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  1. Hi, When installing/uninstalling components, always make sure that the power supply is off.
    Do the case and the CPU fans spin when starting the board?
  2. Thank you so much replying! I am extremely anxious now.... I am certain the power was off when I put everything into the case. Everything was functioning normally until I plugged my speakers into the audio-input jack on the back of the computer. I took the motherboard out to test the problem and somehow it stopped functioning. It there any other way I can test the problem? or I have to go to local computer repairs? many thanks.
  3. By the way, I wasn't able to turn the motherboard on. I did a test on power supply and I am sure it is working. The only problem might be the motherboard. I really don't know what else i can do...... It was perfectly fine this morning....
  4. Is the CPU fan spinning when starting the board? Is there a case speaker (beeper) connected to the motherboard?
  5. Did you make sure the standoffs were applied?
  6. The CPU fan wasn't spinning and there was not speaker on board. I did use standoffs, yes.
  7. And there aren't any obvious damages on motherboard. (no cracked, burned, etc.)
  8. If you've tested the power supply and it does work, then it's a board issue.
    Try starting it with only CPU and CPU fan installed. Make sure that the 24 and 4/8 pin power connectors are in place. If still the CPU fan isn't spinning when powering the board...
  9. Thanks, I will try it again. If the CPU wasn't spinning, does that mean it is possibly doomed as well...... ? Oh gosh....
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