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My only PCI-E is blocked by my GPU!

January 7, 2013 3:21:56 PM

I hope the motherboard section is most valid for this question:

On my Neo3FR motherboard which only has one full-length (16x) pci-e2.0 and one 1x pci-e slot, my GTX570 blocks the small pci-e slot.

Does anyone have any experience with getting use out of this blocked slot? I bought a pci-e 1x to pci-e 1x ribbon cable. I plan to run this cable so the 1x slot can be used elsewhere on the motherboard. Ideally I want to get a USB3 front panel (3.5") that connects via pci-e 1x. Example:

This item is unfortunately out-of stock. Will it serve my needs as described? Can an inexpensive alternative BESIDES a new build (which will be coming in the fall anyways) be reccommended?

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