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I would like your opinion on a dilemma i have!!I currently have a CPU Amd Phenom 2 555 Black Edition and a Mobo that supports 6core AMD, also i have a 600W ocz PSU and a GPU 5670 ati radeon.My cpu is unlocked and is now a 4core CPU.The thing is that after a lot of digging i realized that intel now rules the game about gaming rigs and i would like to make an upgrade to last for a couple of years but i don't know what to change....Change the mobo and the cpu with intel??? Change cpu to a 6core??? Change tha GPU?? or change a HD cause the one i have is a very simple WD 7200rpm??? I am looking forward to your replies and thank you in advance guys!!!
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  1. I was wondering to buy a new keyboard since the one i have is a bit faulty..What would you propose?? I was going for a razer one!!!

    Also i am from greece and the items will be bought from UK (Manchester) since i am going a little trip there soon! :D The prices here are killing us!!
  2. Change the GPU.

    The HDD you have is good. :O

    don't worry about the CPU, it's pretty good.
  3. I want my system to be able to play games very good and not to have any problems...So no ssd and which GPU??
  4. 560ti or 6950.
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