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So I was looking at getting the Antec P280 for my new rig and a friend mentioned that a bottom mounted PSU would suck more dust since dust settles and it would be sucked up from beneath the case. I searched the forums and haven't really seen dust as a topic of discussion when it comes to top vs bottom mounted PSUs. Anyone have some thoughts on this?
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  1. You realize that the Antec P280 includes a PSU intake air filter, don't you?
  2. Bottom mounted PSUs are the newer design and provide better all around case airflow, a lower center of gravity, cleaner wiring, and my preferred configuration. Most cases will have an easily accesible filter and those that don't typically use an upsidedown PSU with the fan drawing air from inside the case. Your friend probably has an older case and is rationalizing.
  3. I'm aware the P280 has a filter. I was just curious if anyone has experienced any issues with bottom mounted PSUs. Thanks for your replies. I figure the lack of complaints on bottom mounted PSUs and dust is a good thing.
  4. I modded my dragon rider so the filter was on the outside for easy access to clean it,
    Filters are good, just remeber to clear them now and again :-)
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    There are more benefits for a bottom-faced PSU than a top-faced PSU.

    The dust filter will keep most of the dust out so I would suggest you get a Metro Duster and clean out your system every 6 months or so.

    The P280 has filters in the intake so you could go a year or 2 without cleaning it.
  6. Based on how much dust collects in top-mounted PSUs anyway, I would say this is not an issue. Dust gets pulled wherever the airflow is headed. I have never had any more problems with dust in bottom-mounted than top-mounted PSUs since I began using them.
  7. Thanks everyone for you replies! I will be ordering my new Antec P280 today.
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