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I recently just built a new pc, and instead of tossing out my old compaq desktop I am going to give it to my little cousin. Its just a single core and its integrated graphics served me well for simple games, but to no surprise, it is lacking everywhere else. I want to put in a gpu, anything low end should be better than the current GeForce 6150SE. The psu is only 250w, so certainly going to need something more powerful. I am just wondering what can I get that is compatible for this old motherboard.

In all honestly I find it worthwhile to upgrade, if I can find compatible parts, no serious games are going to be played. Its primarily for school.
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  1. You need to find a PSU that fits in the case. Any PSU should be compatible power wise, as long as it has the proper cabling for the mobo. But, buy a quality PSU.

    This video card is about the best you could do for the platform:
  2. Bit More than I would like to spend, looking for something around $50-60. Is there any reason or explanation for why that particular card is the best. Also, should what I be looking at be 2.0*16 or does that even matter. I dont have a preference of radeon, but is the mobo compatible for radeon.

    I found two psu's:
    corsair 430w

    antec 430w
  3. gt 240 will make a great upgrade from integrated and it's 45$ and comes with a game.

    both PSU choices are very solid and almost over kill. (i use off brand stuff for reviving old PCs)
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