What is the best gpu for my tiny acer aspire x1700?

Hello and thx in advance for your help!

I have an acer aspire x1700 http://reviews.cnet.com/sc/33508017-2-440-OVI-4.jpg

psu 220w
gpu gt220 lp 1 gb
cpu e7600 3gb core2duo
4 gb ram

i`m not verry happy with the gt220 pasive cooling .. it can play anything but it gets so hot at 100 C in most games and after a while playing at this temp the pc shuts down

i have cut the top of the case were the gpu is placed same as in the pic above seemed to help a bit but not much....

so What could I buy to fit in the case to work as gt220 with the 220psu and if possible with active cooling so i can keep it coooler in games... what could be the best option for me? (changing case and psu at the moment is not an option In the near future i would buy a week pc with a big case and big psu and then put my current components inside)

thank you verry much to you all kindest regards,
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  1. ah .. budged available 150E
  2. pls guys any ideea /help would be highly appreciated
  3. wooow allmost 100 views and no reply ? pls anyone i`m desperate here lol :))
  4. WHEW there's not a lot of room in there... Assuming that's a PCIe interface, this may be your best bet.

    XFX HD-667X-ZAF3 Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5
  5. thx for yr reply if this card is not much bigger that the gt220 it should fit but an ati 6670 cN WORK WITH A 220 w psu?
  6. It should, that system would only pull about 170w maximum with the HD 6670, but you can upgrade the PSU easily.

    This one will do the trick - may be a bit loud though...
  7. hm interesting i also saw a 350w psu over there i wonder if i can buy from newegg if i live in Spain...
  8. Bump this thread again and it will be closed. :non:
  9. at mouse monkey : sry :

    so in the end hd6670 should work on the 220w psu as well as the gt220 and I suppose it will be a decent upgrade from the gt220 to hd6670 what coud be the `report` so to say 1.5x better 2x times better ?
    thank you verry much!
  10. More like 4x better than the 220. And do some more research on what your PSU can handle - the HD6670 will probably test its limits. Get a low profile HD6570 GDDR5 if you're concerned.
  11. YES i belive i would go with the 6570 since the 6670 it cant be found in a low profile and also could be a bit to much ...
    many many thx mr jessterman21
  12. Cool - this looks like a good one, and you should be able to order from Spain, I don't see why not:

  13. jessterman21 said:
    Cool - this looks like a good one, and you should be able to order from Spain, I don't see why not:


    Newegg do not deliver to Europe, so that was not BA worthy,
  14. this one looks great i saw many option to get it in spain from pixmania... i have seen one for 70E with 2gb but just one last thing ....
    i kept searching and searching for a lp 6570 with gddr5 I can t find it is it because they haven`t put gddr5 in a low profile 6570?? if that is the case i should settle with the 2gb version ddr3...
    thank you so much ! this site is awesome!!!
  15. Probably - I don't think manufacturers are currently using GDDR5 in the HD 6570. Even with only GDDR3 you should still get 2x the performance as your GT 220. Also, unless you're gaming at a resolution higher than 1080p (you shouldn't be...), you should stick with the 1GB version - that will be more than enough VRAM.
  16. thx man already got the 2gb version it was only 8E more so i said what the heck why not:))
    i got to say that it runs perfectly with my 220w psu 14a on 12v rail (perhaps this could help others in my situation) and in full load i can barelly hear anything and it never passes 65c temp(playing deusex human rev all maxed out max res of my monitor 1600x900 at 35-45 fps) while with the gt220 felt like i was having a monster truck in my room and got up to 105c temp ) many many thx again!
  17. Glad it worked out for you!
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