Asus P8 Z77-vlx gpuboost switch

I just built a new box with the ASUS P8 Z77-vlx and read about this GPU boost switch / jumper. I understand how to enable it on the MB, but do I need to change anything else.

And is it advisable to even mess with it in the first place...

Do you see any difference?

Can you harm your MB?

I belive it just effects the onboard video

any and all input welcome...

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  1. Mobo features should be explained in the manual it came with
  2. This is just what the book says, only thing I can find in the manual:

    2. GPU Boost switch
    Turning this switch to enable will automatically optimize the system for fast, yet stable clock speeds. (and than shows a picture of were it is located on MB). Tends to leave alot room for the imagnation.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't mind a solid answer on TPU and GPU Boost, it is very vague in the manual and online.
  4. I just read all I could find out about it in manual. Bottom line is it over clocks ???
    I just am to scared to use it, fear of burning cpu or video up.

    Would be nice to hear from others that may have tried it!!!
  5. Every time I try to boot with it on, I can't.
    However suing the onboard software and some BIOS basics here are the results I'm getting.
    i7-2600(no-K)@3.9ghz nice and stable
    HD7750 DCSL 1GBDDR5@ Maximum "Game" setting 850mhz on the clock, with voltage tapered to 995.
    And things
    BEAUTIFUL and lighting fast. I did however have to leave behind the SSD Acer built onto my old Q65 mobo (twas a derp to buy, but I got it for like 75 bux) so no Intel Rapid stuff yet...
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