Neo P965 won't boot after install 2nd sata

After installing a reformatted sata (WD3200SJ) from old twin identical PC the computer won't boot windows, it goes through the POST but freezes upon the windows splash screen.
I have checked all the bios settings of the Neo P965a nd double checked boot order of drives but there is no settings that will enable a normal start up.
When connect thrugh USB there is no problem but that is o course not what I want.
Despite there should be nothing more simpler then installing an additional sata I am puzzled.
Anyone with good suggestion?
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  1. Original Sata HDD with OS is in sata port 1 supported by the JBMicron.
    The second Sata HDD is put in one of the sata ports suppord by the ICH8.
    Maybe there is a north-south conflict (again) ?

    Can I swap the Sata with the OS to the ICH8 without any problems?
  2. Problem is solved!!!!!

    It appears that not all ICH8 sata connection are idential at al!!!!
    When I plugged the Sata with OS not in the next slot number after the Sata DVD-rewriter but in the adjacent bank I coul boot up and find the Sate in the BIOS indicated as Master.

    Now I have the Sata with OS in the original sata slot 1 back again and the second Sata in the bank with higher slot number and in BIOS I will see it as the fourth master.

    This peculiarity is fortunately nowhere to find in the P965 user guide.....
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