I7 2700k i72600k or i5 2500k

Im am trying to get a processor that will last a long time. I am using the processor to overclock and mostly using it for gaming and photoshop, movies.

I know the i5 2500k is good for gaming but how do you compare 2600k and 700k to 500k
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  1. Games don't benefit from hyper threading as most of them don't use more than 4 threads.

    Some games even suffer from HT.

    This is why the i5-2500k is more popular for gamers.

    The main difference between the i5 and i7 is simply hyperthreading. (IGP is different but that won't change anything for you)
  2. The i5 2500K is commonly accepted as the best gaming CPU, and it's also the cheapest of the bunch.

    The only reason to opt for the i7 CPU's is if you do a good amount of video encoding which is one of the few places where hyperthreading becomes worthwhile. The 2700K is more than likely just a binned 2600K and isn't really worth the extra money over the 2600K.
  3. Yeah, performance-wise the 2500k is just as good for gaming and $100 cheaper. Its a no-brainer for most folks.
  4. Photoshop performs better when hyper threading is not used.



    "Movies" do you mean watching movies or encoding movies. Programs like Handbrake can take advantage of HT so buying a Core i7 can come in handy since on average it will probably reduce your encoding time by around 18%.

  5. my advice buy i5 2500k and oc that b*#@! To 4.7ghz
    all programs take advantage of faster processors. :D
  6. Hmm thanks for the replies seems like i5 2500k is my best bet, and i mean watching movies so im guessing i wont even need HT right?
  7. so when ivy bridge is released will it be the same case most likely?
    im a gamer so scrap the 3770k and go for the 3570k instead? seems logical
  8. 2500 is fine for what you need,put the extra money towards keeping the cpu as cool as you can. Heat is what slowly kills a cpu,choose wisely grasshopper !
  9. I am using a i5 2500K CPU. My advice is go for i7 2600K, you said its mainly for gaming and photoshop and watching movies for now. But how about in the future, you might want to to do some video encoding, rendering, and conversion from one format to another. I7 2600K is right for you. For future proofing, i7 2600K is the right choice. For gaming and hyperthreading its the best CPU choice for you.
  10. Maxmatlock13 said:
    so when ivy bridge is released will it be the same case most likely?
    im a gamer so scrap the 3770k and go for the 3570k instead? seems logical

    You just gotta join the rest of us and play the waiting game, no one can say anything until website reviews are verified and posted
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