GTX560 VS Radeon 6870

- Hi.
- Wondering which graphics card to chose for my new gaming rig:
- The GTX 560 CoolStreeam oc edition. (not the Ti version)
- and the Radeon 6870 as mentioned above.
-I already know that the gtx (ti version) is a little bit more powerful than the radeon card.
The problem is that (after checking) i found that the "coolstream oc editon" gtx has like same specs of the gtx (ti version).
-Other stuff: i will be using the pc on my old 1280x1024 monitor (most of times) which only has a vga output. could the cards be able to display on it?
Thanks for answering.
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  1. A 6850 will run everything on max at 1280x1024. 560's and 6870 are made for full HD gaming so it would be overkill to get one of those and if your mind is set on a GTX 560 or 6870, get a 6870, as it is much better than non-ti 560.
  2. Although I dont agree with Samuel on the 6870. He is giving good info. In your case you could get a 550ti or 6770 or as low as a 6670 and be more than happy with you current monitor but if you have to choose between the two because you are set on it please get the cheaper of the two.
  3. do you plan on upgrading your monitor? if so, then the 6870 or 560 are great choices. if not, then the 6770/550 will be good for you
  4. - yes I'm planning on buying a full hd tv very soon.
    but, can't i just use it at lower resolutions or something ?

    - and For the 550ti "coolstream oc edition" card, i went to the shop today and found it for sale. for a cheaper price (cheaper than gtx570/6870) I also found a 6950 (more expensive but effordable)

    - Thanks for guiding me to which to buy.

    - Also, could my 650w power supply handle them ?
    Thanks Alot for answering.
  5. a 650w supply can handle any of those cards. the 550Ti is alot less powerful than the 6950 or the 570. if you can afford the 6950 out of those choices then go for that one; its a good performer for the price range.
    you should be able to use the resolutions available through your card up to the max of the display unit you are using
  6. If you plan to game on the HD tv forget the 550ti.

    560or 6850/70 at the minimum ( i didnt mention the 460 cause em scarce)
  7. - So the 6950 DirectCUII is a good card ?

    - there's a higher chance i get this one, maybe because my motherboard (p8p67 le) only supports "crossfire". (might need that in the future).

    - Other questions before buying. isn't the absence of the physix thing (which nvidia cards have) a big problem for me as a gamer ?

    - and can i use it to display on my old 1280x1024 monitor ? (old vga output).
    Thanks again for answering.
  8. yes you can use your old monitor.
    physx isnt imo all that great. it is supported by only a handful of games, and isnt worth going with nvidia for that reason alone.
    the 6950 is a great card; the msi DC2 is GREAT.
  9. - Could you also tell me if the 650w psu can handle a pair of harddrives alongside with that card and a dvd burner.
    not forgetting the processor which is a sandy bridge i5 2500k?

    - Can it handle the future "crossfire" i might get benefited of ?

    Thanks alot.
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    650 will be able to handle this setup providing it is not a low budget PSU
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