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Recommendations for a case?

Hello you beautiful people,

I am in the market for a mid-tower case, and I am stuck between a BitFenix Shinobi and a Corsair 300r. I just really like the aesthetics of both of these cases and I do not know which one is generally better since both seem to rank the same in reviews and suffer the same flaws. Which case should I go for?

Recommendations are welcome :D
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    Shinobi for the looks, Corsair for the airflow, what is more important to you?

    a little better and somewhat cheaper, keeps my system cold even in the summer.
  3. I have the Fractal Arc midi. Good quality, many fan options with all locations except the side filtered as standard, Hydro 100 compatible, Excellent cable management , a pleasure to build in.

    Looks good and highly recomended . Its actually used in several test builds on this site so a search round should reveal it.

    If not Fractal design have a good website, which goes into depth concerning facilities/dimensions , etc.
  4. I am kinda going for the best looks:best airflow ratio. I guess I will go for the 300r. I heard good things about the Antec, but...meh.
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