Q6600 - GTS 250 bottleneck?

Cyber monday aftermath - two upgrades later, I have a third system available:

Q6600 CPU
Asrock motherboard capable of overclocking well
thermaltake low profile CPU cooler (cools i5 2500K @4.0Ghz)
GTS 250 512MB video

I'm going to take the Q6600 as high as it will go, already taken it to 3.2GHz. What would be the headroom as far as video bottleneck goes? Is there any reason to upgrade the GTS 250, what will an overclocked Q6600 handle?

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  1. If you are a gamer 250gts is not to good for gaming , it can't have to good performance with the new games.
  2. I have other powerful pcs, I'm curious what card would max out the potential of the Q6600 CPU...

    I have i5/6970 for modern games lol!
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