New GPU gtx 460 or gtx 560

Hello, not really quite sure what im looking for or buying when getting a new GPU.
Im looking for spend about £120 - £150. I want to be sure that i can run bc2/mw3/bf3 smooothly without any lag. So please let me know what your thoughts are :)
These are what I have been looking at

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  1. Sorry, my current specs might help ;)

    Processor: Intel i5 650 3.2Gz
    RAM: 6GB
    Mobo: Intel H57
    PSU: Currently 300w ( Have ordered 750w)
    GPU; Ati 5450

    My computer is a dell xps 8100, if this is anymore help

  2. Which PSU is the one that you've ordered?
    You can check out the Radeon HD 6870 as well.
  3. Might as well get the 560 it is clocked a little higher you might as well get the newer run of cards, If you can help it order a smaller more affordable 600 watt PSU to see if you can use that money for a TI version of the 560 as the two cards you have chosen are pretty close to eachother. the 560 ti on the other hand will be a great step up.
  4. Cheers guys

    Would that be worth the extra £20-30 or would i be best just gettin a 560?
  5. Depends on how serious about gaming you are. What do you consider aacceptable. What resolution is your monitor?
  6. yeah we need info man! info !
  7. sorry :P new to this man
    my resolution is 1280x1024
    I play pretty serious, like to be able to play competitively on game. However can't really do that atm with my hd5450 on bc2 because average fps is 20-30. Want to be able to play new games coming out , bf3 mw3 etc.. Smooothly, no lag with a average-good fps
  8. if you want to stay at that resolution you could get a 6770 or 6850, and that will be just fine for you. if you plan on upgrading your monitor i would suggest a 6870 or 560
  9. I say play it safe with a 6850 my 5770 just barely maxes Crysis2 without aa @ 720P and just stays above 30 frames min was 32 so far anyway and thats a very similar resolution.
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