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I wanted to buy Skyrim for pc but im not sure if my computer will be able to run it, here are my specs

e8500 @ 3.16
4gb ram @ 800mhz
GTX 560ti
2tb harddrive
my screen resolution is 1900x1080

do you guys think with this computer i will be able to play skyrim with no lag?
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  1. it will probably put you at high settings and you shouldn't have any lag issues. Your e8500 is a good chip to overclock if you want to get a little more performance out of it. A 3.6Ghz clock is easily achievable with the stock cooler.
  2. ^Yep. I'd put you at somewhere around the high settings, as long as you don't crank up the anti-aliasing. I'm actually running it at ultra on a Phenom II 965@3.8Ghz+ HD 5770, everything maxed out except for AA which is at 2x. Same Resolution.

    Skyrim IS a very CPU-dependant game for its type, though, so I would recommend overclocking your e8500 a little if you have any problems. Going from 3.4 to 3.8Ghz for me meant the difference between about 20FPS and a smooth framerate probably in the high 30s to low 40s.
  3. You meet minimum requirements for cpu and gpu.
    Recommended is a quad, and your GTX560ti exceeds recommended for graphics.

    Go ahead and get the game and see how you do.
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