Performance upgrade ~325 for mobo/cpu/ram/psu

computer finally went out and would like to bring it from 2006 into 2012 hehe..

Reusing: case (antec lanboy), hdd, optical, mouse/keyboard/speakers/22" lcd, windows

Main use: gaming, movies/streaming

Budget: 325 after rebates

Looking for the best bang for buck cpu/mobo/psu/ram combo to play the new games at medium or high detail

Newegg or any rep seller

Located in cali

* I will be reusing a 2yr old ati 512mb xt PCIe gpu. This is only temporary as id like to just get this up and running right now. New gpu in about a month or 2.

* when watching movies, not to be unbearably loud lol..

No parts prefernce

Open to overclocking

Open to crossfire/sli
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  1. The stuff in my signature will come in under that budget and perform well enough. Not like a $1000 core would perform, but worth the price.
  2. Thanks raid ill check em out on newegg.. you said it should fall under budget? Should I opt for a slightly better cpu or hold the cash for the gpu? I also saw an intel board that had an hdmi feature that would let me switch from the PCIe card to the hdmi (ie hdmi for my tv viewing movies and switching to the card for gaming). Does your amd board have a similar feature?
  3. If I were you I would just put a DVI to HDMI adapter from your video card to the TV, not use HDMI to HDMI from the motherboard integrated graphics to the TV.

    If you want to do better gaming, the processor is probably going to hold you back less than the video card will in most cases. With excess budget its usually better to up the video card.

    - Edit - I didn't answer your question about the little switch thingie. The best answer I can give you to that question is that I don't know. I have never looked. I don't think so, but that is just a wild guess. In any event, it is a moot point if you do the other thing I suggested and get a DVI to HDMI cable.
  4. Hey thanks for the info.. the reason id like hdmi to hdmi is that it carries audio.. less wiring and switching around
  5. I am 95% sure that DVI to HDMI also does audio.
  6. Ok just a little more guidance. gonna pull the trigger tonight and buy the parts. going with raiddinn's cpu because its a steal at 60 bucks at microcenter..

    rosewill power supply 530w

    G.SKILL sniper 8gb ram 39.99 after code

    mobo?? not sure. thinking am3+ to future proof. plenty of boards in the budget range. need some help there. thanks!
    also open to cheaper alternative for ram. 40 is a bit steep?
  7. Micro Center usually gives away motherboards free with their processors. You should look into this. They will be micro atx boards which are just fine for 1x video card and 2x RAM stick setups.

    My motherboard was free with my processor and I got it from Micro Center.

    $40 isn't high for 2 x 4 GBs, it is about right. That is a lot of performance you are getting for only $40. It isn't worth cheaping out here to save $5 or $10 in my opinion.

    I would avoid the Rosewill PSU for the same reason. A good PSU is even more advantageous over a bad PSU than good RAM is advantageous over bad RAM. It is sad when a $20 PSU kills a $100 motherboard or $200 video card. This is something that is not at all uncommon.

    Rosewill is mostly a brand tolerated when it comes for free with a case. When people are choosing the PSU individually, everyone here generally suggests they choose one from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic or something else made by Seasonic (like XFX). Those are Tier 1 brands and maximally power and protect your other components from damage.
  8. don't forget u'll need new Win if u getting new mobo
  9. That is debatable. I don't think MSFT can stop you from using your license of the one copy of Windows on some other computer as long as you delete it off the first one. They may not be happy about it, but I am pretty sure they have to tolerate it.

    I have heard of a lot of people calling MSFT and having them change their records to note a new board after changes like these.
  10. might be
    also agree with avoiding rosewill psu .. put ur build together ( on paper) and then figure out how much u have left for PSU .. and I can suggest u the best choices
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