Front Air Intake Fans Not Working

So, this is my first ever computer build and I'm finding that neither of my 2 fans for air intake in the front of the case are working. They don't even light up to show there's power running through them. However, the cables run through to the front panel which works. I've been thinking that maybe I should try buying a fan-to-psu adapter, but I'm not sure how to go about this. I've looked online, but still finding myself scratching my head as to what it is I need exactly; all I know about the front fans are that they're 3-pin 120mm fans.

here are some of my specs if that helps:
case: corsair carbide 400r
mobo: intel dz68bc
cpu: intel i5-2500k sandy bridge
ram: corsair vengeance (8GB)
gpu: evga gtx 560ti (not hooked up yet, mobo wouldn't boot so i figured i needed to update the drivers first)
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  1. They have a lightswitch for the led's apparently,
    I can't find anything about them plugging into the front panel, but
    you want this kind of thing
    use newegg if your in the us of course :)
  2. where would i plug in the molex? the only molex connections left to hook up is a male from the front panel, the female's hooked up to the mobo. the front panel wires btw, include a molex that's male on one side and female on the other. i was thinking a 3-pin-to-psu would work
  3. The thing I linked is a 3pin to psu adaptor with passthrough molex connectors
    those molex from the Fp are for powering the fans,
    plug the Psu into one of them, ignore the other for now but that is a passthrough connector so you could then put a drive from that.
    you don't need an adaptor though
    and how is the female molex plugged into the mobo? seems wrong to me, unplug it

    *Edit, section four here may help you a little too,
  4. Well the front panel lines lead to this double molex connector where one side of it is male, the other's female. the female connects to a male molex which connects to the mobo. it was the only way to connect the front panel to the mobo.
  5. You don't need to connect power to the front panel, **Edit, you don't need to connect power from Fp to the mobo, only the relevant usb/switch connectors
    the pwrswitch and reset switch don't require it,
    usb ports have their own supplied through their cable, and audio doesn't require it,
    and as mentioned, its a passthrough so one side to psu (then your fans will work) and you can power a dvd or hard drive off the other end
  6. Using this,
    I can't even see a molex connection on the Mobo,
  7. oh sorry, i should clarify. the front panel wires include that male/female molex. a male molex, where the other side has sockets to fit into the mobo, fits into the female front panel molex wire. and hopefully that didn't just confuse the matter more
  8. ok so, i took your suggestion and hooked the fp straight to the power supply and it all works. i have another issue however. whenever i turn the computer on, my screen doesn't show anything until i turn it off then back on
  9. Run through the troubleshooter, section three on the link I poste earlier,
    All connections to gfx card etc good?
    Correct output from card?
    Gfx card selected as primary in bios etc,
    Hard drive as boot, all those sorts of thing can cause issues
    I take it your fans and leds are functioning correctly yes?
  10. yea everything else is working and the screen is a minor inconvenience at best. i'll try to install my gpu and hook it up to the hdmi port there
  11. Card not installed yet? May be the reason, windows has generic gfx drivers to use until you install the correct ones, do that and let me know if it does resolve the issue :-)
  12. yea, i did a test run before putting everything together and the bios wouldn't post with the gpu in. took it out and completed the build without it, leaving it for last
  13. everything's running smoothly now, thanks for the help
  14. No problem man, enjoy your new build :-)
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