Mobo not recognizing 3tb drive

Trying to use a 3tb drive for storage. Currently dual booting XP 64 bit and Win7 Home Premium 64 bit with 2 500gb drives and a p5nd mobo (old I know). Each OS is on a different physical hard drive. Flashed the bios to newest version 1401 thinking maybe the old version wasn't able to recognize that large of a drive. No actual UEFI as far as I know but looking around the internet and people can actually see the drive just not all of it with this motherboard, generally the issue, but I can't see it at all even in BIOS.

Have tried different SATA ports, different sata cables, and different power cables in every configuration. Drive is spinning. Not sure what else could be going on. Suggestions? Anyone know any actual fixes?

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  1. Well the drive doesn't even show up in the BIOS, so I don't know that this will work but I'll see what it's all about.
  2. It's not seen in BIOS probably because it hasn't been initialized. Is it seen in Disk management? If yes, try converting it to GPT and check if BIOS does see it after that.
  3. No, can't see it in disk management in XP or 7. Disk unlocker didn't show anything. Could the MBR be affecting this new drive? I haven't used my XP hard drive in over a year, was thinking I could just reformat both drives and reinstall Windows 7. Still don't understand why it's not even showing in bios. Maybe something wrong with the drive? It is spinning and has good connection to the board, using all 4 sata ports now, all are enabled in bios. Running out of ideas lol. Do you think reformatting might do anything? Just low level format both, XP was the first OS, but xp 64 bit supported large drives like this I thought.
  4. No, Reformatting the other HDDs would not help.
    Can you test the HDD in a friend's PC?
  5. I have an old XP box sitting around somewhere that should still work. I guess I'll try that. If it doesn't work there maybe the there is something wrong with the data side of the drive, has power and is spinning so I guess thats all thats left
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