Pcie lane confusion - quick question

The board I ordered was ASUS p8z77 v lx
I'm going to be running a 7850 in my PCIE 3 slot at x16
Will using a pcie x1 lane for my wireless card drop the bandwith avaliable to my GPU?
Just because I understand some lanes share bandwith when using two GPUs.

Sorry if a stupid question. Just ordered all my parts and I'm fretting about everything being compatible.
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  1. No, the bandwidth to the card will not be reduced.
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    The PCIe X16 slots' bandwidth are separate from the other PCIe slots on that board.
  3. Some motherboards have two pcie x16 slots. So if you out 1 card in any of the two slots then the slot will offer x16 speeds but as soon as you put a second card in the remaining x16 slot then the speed of both the slots will run at x8 speeds
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    Good point. And in the case of the OP's ASUS p8z77 v lx, it is even worse. The 2nd PCIe X16 slot is only X4 electrically. So I would advise against wasting money on a 2nd card in the 2nd slot anyway.

    OP: Use a single card and you will have full X16 bandwidth.
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