Ga-z77x-ud3h no sound

I have a gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h mobo and have installed the VIA driver that came with it. This is a new build and the sound out of the mobo jacks worked for about 3 days. Now I can't get any sounds. I haven't made any changes to any settings in the past 3 days that I can remember.

Here's what I've done:
Device manager shows no errors
Verified I have installed the correct driver
Verified speakers work with laptop
Verified not muted and VIA high def audio is selected in sound mixer
Verified on board audio enabled in bios

I have a usb mic/headset combo that gives me sound but the jacks on the back of the mobo don't give me any sound.

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  1. so the front audio is good with those audio devices?
    don't know if you also insert audio device in front and select mute rear one when front audio is on, maybe check it further?
  2. Front audio mic/headset jack do not produce sound. Nor does the back panel line out.

    I have a USB headset/mic combo that does get sound, but that has nothing to do with the on board sound drivers, it has its own. I get no sound from speakers connected to mobo when this headset is plugged in/unplugged
  3. when audio inserted, there should be hd audio panel pop up and need you to select your device type. it should be line-out, speaker (front or rear) and headphone.
    are they selected?
  4. Hi there !

    I post here because I'm experiencing the exactly same problem with this motherboard (except that I did something since yesterday : I installed catalyst 13.1, and some mobo drivers from the gigabyte website)

    I tried the drivers from the Gigabyte website ( and from VIA website (VIA HD Audio Driver version 10.1200A). They didn't change anything.

    I am wondering if the graphics card could be the cause of this problem ? I use catalyst 13.1, and there is a sound management system in it. But, I already tried to set the catalyst sound parameters, without success.

    As you said BeryLee, there is an hd audio panel pop up when i insert my headphone in one of my audio device (front and mobo).

    As you can see on the screenshot, the speaker are set to default (sorry for the french interface) :

    If someone has another idea to fix this problem...i'll be very greatful :D
  5. hope i can figure out the problem because i don't have it on my zxx7-ud3h ..
    what if you remove vga and use onboard? still problem?
  6. I already tried it, and that didn't fix the problem.

    But ! Right now, the back panel output is working ! Honestly, I don't understand why...and the front one is still mute. I already tried this configuration so...I am lost ^^

    For information, I am using the last VIA driver: "VIA HD Audio Driver" version 10.1200A, and not the one from the Gigabyte website.

    I am a bit bored by this problem so...I guess my front audio will stay like this for a while. I'm good with the one from the back panel.

    Thank you very much for your help,
    and I hope ksuaviator has fixed his problem.
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