New gaming build, need help on building

i'm going to get my parts in about 4 days? so i need help on building it as it's my first time. I already read the step by step guide on the forums, but just to make sure, i need help from builders who have already built several systems. (especially the what cables go where)

here's my parts list

hyper 212 evo
seasonic x series modular 750w supply
Asus p8z68 pro gen 3 mobo
corsair vengence low profile 4 gb x 2
evga nvidia gtx 560 ti
nzxt phantom case
wd hdd

so just post here, if you want to help! as soon as i get my parts ill start posting questions.

feel free to recommend step by step videos or written guides!
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  1. Just touch your PSU when its off to discharge yourself and you should be fine. My worst fear when I first started was ESD. Its really hard to blow your components that way so don't be scared.

    If you wear socks while building everything shorts.
    Just kidding...or am I?
  2. thx for the psu grounding advice. Im also checking my outlet if its grounded ( im also having that fear of esd for first time builders :D )

    all my components arrived except my case!!,

    my case is one state away from me , but it's still in location...

    if anyone has anymore advice or would like to help me along the way please do! :love:
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