Can a MB take either of the CPUs or only one of the two available CPUs

Hi, Is a MB (motherboard) always CPU specific??

Means a MB is compatible with only one of the CPUs (intel or amd), or are there any MBs that are compatible with both of these CPUs? I heard that if i buy LGA 1155 socket MB then I can use only Intel CPUs and if I buy AM3 socket type of MB then I can use only AMD CPUS, is that right?

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  1. That is correct. Either Intel OR AMD.
  2. Thank you Clutchc so much, I really appreciate it!!!
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    Actually, it gets even more involved than that. Once you decide on Intel or AMD, you need to check what CPUs that particular board/socket can accept. That can be accomplished on the board's web site. Do you have a board or CPU in mind?
  4. Thanks very much Clutchc once again! No, actually I am just in the process of gathering some info for my future computer. Sure before buying the MB I will check the exact CPU compatibility issues at their website. Thanks and really appreciate the help!!!
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