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I keep coming across archived threads from 2004 and 2005, with new replies at the bottom. Where do posters get these things from? [:graywolf:1]

Because the dates are so pale, I've wasted some time reading these things. And because the forum is so large, very few are caught by mods on time.
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    Ugh, Usenet stuff. I wish we didn't keep that rotting garbage around.
  2. Where is that stuff? on our site?
  3. If people google their questions, it can bring up those old threads.
  4. Ugh. Most of the time they're ANSWERING the original posts.
  5. If 04-05 is the farthest back you've seen, then you're lucky. I think I saw some circa 01!?! (might be wrong on that/ can't really remember)

    Anyway, I kind of enjoy them. Bit of a 'blast from the past'.
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