Connect wl500w to d-624 via wireless

Dear Sir,

I have a router ASUS WL-500W conected to Internet, which is conected to a main computer, NoteBook, Printer Nework and PlayStation 3. So, I'd like to play PS3 and/or WII console in another room connecting via wireless between DLink 624+ and WL-500W.
How do I configure the wireless of WL-500W and DLink 624+ to play PS3/WII without wire?

In advance, Thank you very much

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Best Regards

My name: Paulo Victorinho

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  1. for what I can tell the D-Link does not have a Bridge mode and therefore will not be able to connect to your ASUS wirelessly.
  2. I appreciated what you have said.

    If I have got a Router with Bridge, Which is the best hardware and how do I configure both?

    Thank you.

    Paulo Victorino
  3. this router support DD-WRT which will provide the bridge mode

    You will have to update to DD-WRT firmware.

    here are the instructions to configure the bridge mode. read it before you start configuring so you have all the info needed.
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