Can I upgrade my cpu with out blowing my Motherboard

Hello, I am thinking bout upgrading my CPU in my Dell 570 it's at the moment a AMD Athlon II x2 250 am3 socket (938) Max TDP is 60w
My mother board is a Dell 04GJJT chip set amd 785G south bridge AMD SB700 LPCIO ITE IT8720 Can I upgrade it to this with out worries?
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  1. The only thing you really have to watch is the wattage on the motherboard's CPU socket. I'm sure that Dell (being the wonderful people they are) have a motherboard socket wattage of maybe 60W just to spite your efforts, and thus, is only rated to handle a 60W processor.

    Chances are, though, that you can upgrade the CPU (and seriously, just get the Phenom II BE). In most cases, an AM3 socket was manufactured to handle a 125W processor. Just don't expect anything better.
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