3 sticks of ram in dual channel mode on AMD 770 chipset

i have this motherboard i bought recently and it says it only supports dual channel mode with 2 or 4 sticks of ram ive been fiddling with the bios settings and somehow i got 3 sticks of 4 gb (12 gb total) to run in dual channel mode
i was just wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of this b4 also i have it running @ 1600 mhz will this kill a over clocked phenom 2 965 im thinking its
probably not recommended but will be ok anyways lol only paid 75 bucks for it new so w/e idc lol also 1 of the 3 sticks is a different brand than the other 2 but seems to work fine together motherboard is a ASrock 770i cafe with a phenom 965 the settings are really wierd i put the clock @ 940 and set the multiplier at x19 the bios says that the cpu should be clocked at 4.5 or something but when i reoot it hangs for a few then boots up 3.8 in dual channel memory mode if i add voltage to the NB it boots up at 4.5 i want it at 3.8 so i dont raise the voltage and acheive the 3.8 with 1600 dual channel mode on 3 sticks of ram i did not prime95 test it cuz that program has blown up 3 of my pc's already lol
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  1. edit the clock was @ 240 sorry
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