Rocketfish 500w PSU good enough to run 6950 and this system?

My brother is finally considering coming back to PC gaming after years of battling consoltitis and is looking to buy an HD6950 to upgrade his computer to be able to play Rage/BF3/Skyrim/etc. Here are his current specs:

CM Storm Scout /w Rocketfish 500w modular PSU
Phenom II 965
??? I'm not sure what mobo he has.
4gb ddr 3 ram
Geforce GTS 250 video card that he is borrowing from my other brother.
I think a 200gb hard drive.

His budget is fairly tight and he only wants to buy the card which will run him around $240 on newegg. I know the minimum specs for the 6950 are a 500w PSU but should he risk it with that off-brand Rocketfish 500w(it does have the 2 6-pin connectors)? If not, what do you suggest as the minimum Watt PSU he should get and what are some of the cheapest most dependable ones?

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    No, because rocketfish PSUs are crap.

    A quality 500W unit would probably be fine. Just not that one.
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