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Finished build 770$

Just ordered my first build. I'd like your thoughts on it.

CPU: i5- 2500k $199
GPU: EVGA gtx 460 169.99
MB: Asrock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen3 124.99
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x4gb 29.99
PSU: Antec Earthwatts green 750 watts 79.99
CASE: Haf 912 59.99
ETC: Azio bluetooth dongle 12.99, DVD-RW Lite on 16.99

Total was 770$ Pre-Rebates

I think that's a pretty good computer for 770 and it's pretty future proof. At least for the next 3-4 years. I plan on getting a coolermaster 212+ cpu fan. I want to get more fans but have no idea where to start. I want them to be blue lighted. I also want the ability to turn them on and off as well as turn the lights on and off through a fan controller (touchscreen preferred.) That said I would guess I need a new big top fan and front fan for the 912 as well as some smaller ones inside. Leave recommendations and opinions below.

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  1. Seems like a good build (although you probably don't need 750 watts, unless you ever plan to SLI or something)

    As for the fans, I'm not sure.
    Maybe this?
  2. Sorry to say this to you...but...That build is not going to last 3-4 least not playing all the modern games on high setting on a 1080p monitor unless you're willing to SLI the gtx 460.
  3. I am planning on SLIng. And if you look at the mobo it has PCIe 3.0 which means once manufacturers starting releasing gpus on that I can use them. I will sli the gtx 460 or upgrade eventually. Plus I believe that the z68 is supposed to support ivy bridge as well. That means a few years. Not necessarily on this build but with upgrades. Not bad. Comments on the fans? I went with the 750 PSU because it was on sale and newegg wasn't having a sale on lower watt psu during black friday so i thought go for more now and not buy others later.
  4. Ivy bridge is LGA2011, not LGA1155.
  5. r0aringdrag0n said:
    Ivy bridge is LGA2011, not LGA1155.

    You, are, horribly.... WRONG!

    Ivy Bridge WILL be LGA1155
    Sandy Bridge-E is LGA2011
  6. Thanks. I was pretty sure that Ivy was going to be 1155. But anyway. No comments on other components? Also I need help putting together a fan system. Should i ask on the other parts of the forum?
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    CPU fine.

    GPU fine but pretty old, better get an ATI 6870 1GB (same price better performs) later on do CrossFireX, it's scaling would be better than the GTX 460 in multiple GPU setup.

    mobo fine.

    RAMs fine, make sure you get 1600MHz ; not much price deference and that speed is a sweet spot for sandy bridge CPUs.

    PSU I personally would get Corsair power supplies (TX750 in particular) solid as rock, Antec doesn't supply power cord, how cheezy.

    Case fine, I personally have HAF 912 Advanced so far. :p
    Since standard edition lacks in black interior I'd advice you to see other deals and get the one which has black interior (that is CM 690 II Plus).

    Get this CPU cooler:
    It's good for mid OC'ing (ie 4.2-4.4GHz).

    All the best.
  8. Yes I just bought the 212+. I didn't get the evo one...-___-. As for the fans I was thinking of getting CM 200mm fans, but I don't know if they are fan controllable. I know I'm getting a controller just not sure which one and I want my fans to be controllable. I was also debating either Scythe or CM 120mm fans. I just want good airflow, low to medium noise, and fan controlling. I posted in the cooling section but no one is responding -__-. I did get 1600 ram. I bought the antec because it was on sale otherwise I would have gotten the 650w corsair. GPU is temporary until I can save enough for the next generation or 500 series. Or till I can SLI them. Plus I have a 17 inch monitor at my dorm. Can't really fit a 23+ here.
  9. I would have definitely stretched the wallet for a 560/560ti/6870, only another 50 and afaik much better performance
  10. I agree with the 6870 its the same price for better performance.
  11. naqqash said:
    You, are, horribly.... WRONG!

    Ivy Bridge WILL be LGA1155
    Sandy Bridge-E is LGA2011

    Oh, sorry, my bad
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