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Power suplly error (Seasonic X-760)

So i just bought a new power supply and installed it.
Now i tested it with OCCT and it detects an error.
Is it caused by the power supply or is my system not stable enough??

My Specs
Q6600 G0 OC 3.6GHZ
MSI p45 Diamond
Kingston HyperX T1, KHX1600C9D3T1K2/8GX
Asus ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5
Seasonic X-760
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  1. Looks more like a problem with OCCT's interpretation of the signals from the motherboard's voltage sensor chip.

    OCCT thinks the voltage readings are outside of the allowable ATX12V Power Supply Design DC Output Voltage ranges.

    Did the same behaviour exist with the previous power supply?

    Did you use MSI Dual Core Center Version, Release Date 2010-06-29 for Windows XP 32/Windows 2000 to corroborate the voltage readings?
  2. It happened also with my previous power supply, Coolermaster Real Power M520.

    I will check the msi dual core center.

    Nice to hear that it isnt my power supply tha causes this :D
  3. well everything seems to be fine in the dual core center.

    Only one problem, it only detects 2 fans, instead of 5.
    And fan 1 is working at half speed.
    I think i need a fan controller, but first i'll try to plug all the fans on my power supply, see if that works.
  4. Best answer
    I got readings like this a couple of weeks ago

    Motherboard software showed the same fluctuations.
    Broke out the DMM and checked on a peripheral connector, it showed OCCT to be incorrect.
    Attempted to backprobe the 24 pin connector and the system shutdown.
    Turns out it had somehow loosened and was causing the funky voltage readings.
    Reconnected it and everything went back to normal.
    Make sure the 24 pin connection is tight.
  5. thx delluser, it seemed that i had the same issue here.
    the 24 connector was a little bit loose there, so i removed it and connected it again.
    now it worked just fine :D
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