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I have a request to build a micro ATX tower system that will have 2 mid to upper scale graphics cards. Since the mico ATX boards with 2 PCIe slots all seem to place the 2nd card over the wiring for the front panel devices and sometimes the SATA connections that are located at the bottom edge of the board, I was wondering if that would present a problem. Would the 2nd card mash the wiring connectors? Looking at a typical large graphics card sitting in a PCIe slot, it appears there isn't much room for the front panel pin connectors since the FP wires all come with a rigid plastic piece at the end of the wire(s), and SATA connectors are equally as large.
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    There are a lot of situations that happen the same way you just described and when you put a card in that last slot the card does not go down that low and if you do have one of the plugs that are too stiff and won't bend then you could get an adaptor. I have seen a 90 degree usb adaptor and there are 90 degree sata cables that come with the motherboard. A lot of the fp conn. do have a ridged conn. but the wires going into that conn. are usually loose.
  2. Thanks. So far tho, I haven't found one of those 90 degree USB adaptors for a motherboard connection...

    Which begs the question, if manufacturers can put 90 degree SATA connectors on the side of a motherboard... why can't they do the same with USB connections on the bottom edge?
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