How to get into bios of ET1331G-03W E-machine pc

need info, I have updated the cpu in this emachine et1331-03w. I have installed a AMD 910e quad cpu. Now i can do twice the task than before. the thing is the 910e runs at 2.6GHZ and i would like to crank it up a pit like to at least 3.1. Which i have seen videos of this being done to the cpu in many vids.. in youtube, but i'm having a hard time trying to get into the bios of this emachine so i can change the bus clock speed from 2600 to 3100mhz which would give me the 3.1 GHz that i'm trying to get to.
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  1. try either tab , delete or f2

    while the eMachine logo displays on screen
  2. You should be able to go to bios by either del,f2 or tab..
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