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Like many, I imagine, I've have various pieces of network equipment that are all capable of acting as a DHCP server. I my case I have a cable router (my route onto the internet), a couple of old wireless routers (that I use purely was WAP's), and a QNAP NAS that I do use as my DHCP server. My question, which piece of equipment do people think is best 'suited' to the role of DHCP server within a small home network, and why?


Jon C
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  1. The cable modem (or is it a modem/router combination?) gives the public IP address to your Router, then the router would give IPs to yoru computers. How are you using the NAS as a DHCP server? Those are designed to be DHCP clients not servers.
  2. I understand how a DHCP Server works and you're right, my cable router is a modem/router combination. My NAS, a QNAP TS410, amongst many other things can act as a DHCP Server, as can my cable router, a Draytek Vigor 2600i, or either of my Wireless Routers. But which is the best to use and why? e.g. The piece of kit I reboot the most is my cable router hence why I don't use that. Is this logic sensible or do people have experience otherwise?
  3. The standard setup is Modem > Router > computers. Since you have several devices, you can really pick whichever one you like best, the reason the router is the default DHCP server in most setups is becaust it's often the only one with that ability in a home network. But make sure you turn off DHCP in the ones you don't use (except the modem ofcourse as you need that to give an IP to the router).
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