Motherboard running at weird temperatures.

So I had this Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 for a little bit, about 2 months. And I've noticed some temperatures issues.

I usually let me computer run all day and night, since I have a rather small hard drive and a limitless internet bandwidth I just delete and redownload games and movies when needed so I download them while I sleep or work.

So pretty much I can't remember when is the last time my computer has been closed for more then 10 minutes (excluding the regular dust removal).

It was never an issue before with my old motherboard which was also a Gigabyte 970 but an earlier model, the other one had some water on it due to a little flooding accident so I had to change everything.

What I am curious about is why is the motherboard running so much higher than everything else ? I do not have water cooling, hell I only have basic fans they gave with the case and my cpu but somehow my AMD FX-8350 runs at about 27 celcius while my motherboard runs at around 60 when not doing anything and 80 when I have been playing games for about 4-5 hours ? CPU never goes hotter than 30 and my graphic card stays at around 40-50 which is normal when under load hell I think it is pretty good, I've seen worse.

So question is, why is my motherboard so high compared to everything else and is it normal to be that way ? I have tried 7 different temp reading software and they all tell me the exact same temperatures.

I should also state that nothing is currently overclocked or was overclocked, never had to.
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  1. That is way too hot. May be there's a problem with your motherboard. Since it is in warranty I'd tell yOu to get it replaced.
  2. +1 Xttony,

    problem with motherboard.
    Does your computer shut down becomes sluggish in games ?
  3. Where are you getting the temps from? Not all motherboard monitor software works with every motherboard or gives correct temps. Someone yesterday said the random GPU software said their GPU was at 250F. Now is the card really running hot enough to cook a pizza or is the software wrong?

    Pinpoint that the temps are being report correct first. Most modern BIO's have PCHEALTH as an option which report the temps, directly from the board, in the BIOS without a 3rd party software or any weird driver issues, etc and is usually the most accurate. What do the temps say there?
  4. Says about the same, I went into my BIOS and it said it was at 56, that is probably because it wasn't doing anything when I restarted to get into my bios.

    -Little Edit: I never had any crash/BSOD/artifact or anything wrong so far, and it's been that way for 2 months now, the only thing that really bothers me in the whole thing is because the computer is in my bedroom and fans sometime just run way too god damn loud.
  5. Maybe try redoing your case fans to pull instead of suck or the other way around, or adding more fans or something.
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